Bici Fitness offers personal comprehensive one-on-one training in road cycling, time trial/ triathlon cycling, cyclo-cross and mountain biking. We work closely with our clients, forming a personal understanding of their individual needs and assist them in meeting their bicycling goals.
Most of the coaching packages available through other companies claim to provide a one on one relationship, unfortunately that one on one relationship is usually via telephone and the exchange of numbers which are supposed to be a definitive represention of your fitness. At Bici we feel it is essential to ride with our clients. This not only allows us to see your fitness level and riding style, it also creates a foundation for a personal relationship.

It’s senseless to claim that our programs don’t revolve around the bike. However, at Bici we look at the full picture of life, and cycling is only one of the many elements which affect fitness. A training plan can only be effective when personal elements such as diet, physical health, family, occupation, finances, relationships, recreation, and much more are taken into consideration. We gain an understanding of our clients through personal contact and one on one interaction.


Bici’s bike tours aim to meet your personal needs and desires. Most of our tours are custom made for individuals looking to get away, get fit, and free their minds. Durations are flexible, varying from one day guided rides to fully scheduled getaways, which can include accommodations and dining. Depending on your desires, accommodations vary from camping to fine European Hotels.

Our network of guides offers a true local riding experience. You are sure to ride great roads and trails. Most of the ride guides in our network specialize in specific areas, but all of us have ridden in and are very familiar with many areas both domestically and abroad.