Professional Mountain Biker

National Endurance Race Champion 2006
Sponsored by Independent Fabrication
Cat 3 Road Racer
Elite CycloCross Racer
Toured Europe and Central America on Bike
30yrs old

For me the bicycle is the perfect tool for exploring the world. It’s pace lies between the speeding steel cage that a car can be and the vulnerability of knees, ankles and minds when walking or running. People often compare bicycles to roller-coasters but the difference is significant. On the bike you might find a road or trail that climbs, dips, turns and then turns some more. And though you can’t control the road, you do decide how fast you go, when to take a break, how much to scare yourself, or please yourself. All this while building confidence from an increased sense of balance and control of your own destiny. A roller-coaster rider gives away their destiny (with trust in engineers), while the bike forces a rider to be in control of their own destiny.