If you want to climb Tenerife is the place!!! Tenerife boosts the highest peak in Spain and the third highest peak in what is considered traditional Europe.  The highest peak on the Island is, El Teide, with an elevation of 12,198 ft (3,718 m), now remember this elevation originates at sea level.  El Teide is the third largest volcano in the world. Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands.  Though Tenerife belongs to Spain, it is located of the coast of Africa which provides the island with a climate known internationally as the “Island of Eternal Spring” (Isla de la Eterna Primavera). During the month of February you can expect temperatures to be over 70°F.

The highest road elevation on the island is around 7700ft, the most direct route to get to this elevation is a 25 mile climb the has a total elevation gain of 8000ft that means there is only 300ft of undulation on the way up)  Don’t worry the decent is not easy either)  If that’s not enough vertical gain for you, you can take the tram from here an additional 3000ft to the top of the volcano.  The Island is about 120 miles in circumference and has more climbs with over 2000ft of elevation gain than you can climb in a two weeks.  Did you notice I keep talking about elevation?  There are several other great things about riding in Tenerife.  One reason is this Isla de la Eterna Primavera means the roads do not go through a Freezing/expansion/ contraction phase every year and thus provide some of the smoothest pavement you will ever descend.  Another reason is for drivers and automobiles, I am willing to say there is nowhere in the world where the drives are as polite towards cyclist as they are in Tenerife.

This trip will focus heavily on climbing. You should be in EXCELLENT physical condition to attend this venue! That being said, we are scheduling two separate weeks; one focused towards the B to B+ to A level rider and the other week focused on the A+ level riders.  Both groups will ride much of the same terrain; the more advanced level group on the first week will be going BIGGER and riding at a higher speed.  This is no joke the terrain you will ride is not conducive to beginner or level riders!!!  All riders will be required to submit some form of reference to confirm their ability (this can be race results, your local club, local shop or whatever you can provide to show you have the ability).  If you show up for this training camp and do not have the ability you claimed to have, you may be excluded from the rides, your accommodations and meals will be provided, but no refund will be given.  Sorry if this sound harsh but we cannot allow “one” person to highjack the ride from the back, it’s not fair to the others.  There will be no daily sag vehicle. We will accommodate for differences in speed that are within acceptable measure.  Below is sample ride data from a ten day trip done by last year’s elite group; the trip totaled 81,000 feet of elevation gain in only 540 miles, now that’s Moving Up!  The shortest of the ten days was a 25mile ride with 4000 ft of elevation gain.

Tenerife 2011 Elite group ride data
Date,   elevaton       distance       ride time
1/1-    4000,          25,            2:00
1/2-    9644,          64,            5:00
1/3-    9100,          67,            5:00
1/4-    3600,          35,            3:00
1/5-    12465,         80,            6:10
1/6-    7913,          57,            4:30
1/7-    7700,          52,            4:00
1/8-    5700,          30,            3:00
1/9-    10205,         75,            5:30
1/10-   8728,          68,            5:10


43.5 hrs
540 mi
81,000 feet of vertical gain

BiciFitness staff are experienced competitive cyclist, mechanics, fitters and coaches. Provided during the week is:

• BiciFitness coaching/guide service,
Most meals
• Bike mechanics (including unpacking assembly and packing)
• Transport to and from the North airport are included (arrangements can be made from the south airport at an additional expense, or you can arrange for your own transportation from the south airport)
• On ride bike fitting recommendations (advance Bicycle Fitting available at additional cost)

You should schedule your flight to arrive on Feb 10th or Feb 17th (Some flexibility is allowed. Additional nights’ accommodations will be at additional expense). If you have a special need to adjust your travel dates, we may be able to accommodate you, just let us know. The first and last day of your trip will be transitional if we can fit a ride or outing into the schedule we will.  Bike rental is available, but it is strongly recommended that you bring your own bike. This will allow us to work on your riding position, a very important point that many programs do not stress.

This trip will be a great experience; it is not only about the week of training, it”s about getting a feel for history and beauty of Tenerife and the surrounding area. We will be going out and savoring traditional Spanish wines and cuisine.  You will leave having a true feel for the abundant beauty and culture of Tenerife. With the limited number of spaces available for this trip, we are expecting it to fill up quickly. Be sure to book soon to take advantage of a wonderful week of warm weather in February.