At Bici we believe personal, one on one contact is the key to training. Most coaching packages available through other companies claim to provide a one on one relationship, unfortunately that one on one relationship is usually via telephone and the exchange of numbers which are supposed to be a definitive represention of your fitness. At Bici we feel it is essential to ride with our clients. This not only allows us to see your fitness level and riding style, it also creates a foundation for a personal relationship.

The Bici concept is one of managing and personal understanding. It’s senseless to claim that our programs don’t revolve around the bike, however, at Bici we look at the full picture of life, and cycling is only one of the many elements which affect fitness. A training plan can only be effective when personal elements such as diet, physical health, family, occupation, finances, relationships, recreation, and much more are taken into consideration. Through personal contact and one on one interaction we gain an understanding of our clients that allows us to assist you in meeting their personal goals.

Bici Fitness strives to create the best program for each of our clients. To do this it is essential to custom build a program which provides a strong functional foundation to meet your personal needs. Even our most basic programs offer a comprehensive training package, personal contact and frequent feed back. Our custom programs meet the rider’s needs at any level, from beginner to advanced.